The Applicants

The physicians who apply for positions in German clinics through DATA COMPASS are usually university graduates from European countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Greece. All of the physicians submitted excellent exit exams and several applicants also have several years of professional experience. 

High-level language skills

In addition, all of the physicians possess good to very good German language skills at the B2/C1 level. In most cases, this has been certified by a German Goethe Institute.

The Goethe Institute is active for the Federal Republic of Germany with several branch offices and heavily promotes German language skills abroad.

Excellent education

Most of the physicians DATA COMPASS recruits completed their studies at the age of twenty-four or twenty-five. They possess excellent learning capabilities and are highly motivated to work. Since the drop-out rates are very high at the universities in their countries of origin, these characteristics are constantly desired and promoted by the applicants.

Communication problems or difficulties in cooperating with colleagues or treating patients hardly ever arise.

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