Information for the hospital


If relevant for the hospital, DATA COMPASS will gladly conduct a meeting with the clinic’s business or human resources department in order to personally discuss the applicant’s profile.

Living situation

Unfortunately, DATA COMPASS cannot guarantee suitable living quarters for the applicants. The human resource departments at the hospitals can assist greatly with this problem by, for instance, posting residential want ads. In addition, on-site contacts can be established and a real estate agent can be commissioned if needed.

A potential solution: First, the applicant agrees to a period of work shadowing at the respective hospital for a limited period of time. During this period, the applicant can get familiar with the duties and colleagues and search for a suitable apartment without pressure.

Especially in the former East German states, the apartment search shouldn’t be a huge problem, since two million people who once lived in this part of Germany have emigrated. The apartment situation is therefore significantly more relaxed and the rental fees much lower than in West Germany.

Official authorities

The visits to official authorities for the processes the applicants have to complete are organized by the respective hospital. In general, there are three meetings the physician has to attend. One meeting with the Foreigner’s Registration Office and a visit to the residential registration office and the local police will be required. 

Complicated bureaucracy

The bureaucratic processes in Germany are not always simple since the individual states have different requirements.

However, what they all have in common is that a university degree alone is not a sufficient prerequisite for foreign physicians to obtain their license to practice medicine in Germany.

The executive committees of the individual states require numerous documents. These documents must be translated into German and certified by a notary public. The translations may only be performed by a certified and sworn translation agency in Germany. 

It is also important that you do not have any difficulties speaking German. You will also require a certificate regarding where and how you obtained these language skills.

Don’t be discouraged by the bureaucratic processes. DATA COMPASS is informed about the procedures of the state executive committees and we will gladly support you with these formalities.

To date, we have positively completed several applications. All of the physicians we have recruited were able to obtain their license to practice medicine or professional license within three months and start working at the hospital immediately thereafter.

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