Information for applicant physicians

We are pleased you are thinking about seeking a position at a German hospital. We will gladly help you with this.

Incidentally: We speak Czech, Slovakian, Serbo-Croatian, English, French and, of course, German.

If you need quick help or additional information, we recommend contacting us via 

telephone: +49 (0) 7221 9910030 or mobile phone +49 (0) 171 60 40 786

We will immediately process your application and send you our sample profile. This will assist you with your application and also provide you with information regarding which requirements have to be fulfilled in order to practice as a physician in Germany. 

You can, of course, download this sample profile without calling first:

data-compass Muster-Profil.doc [ German version as a Word (*.doc) file]

The experience you have gathered during your career as a physician are particularly relevant. We would also like to request that you attach a current photo to your profile in which you are easily recognizable. 

Please note: In all German states, you require a certificate verifying German language skills at the B2/C1 level. In the best case, this test will have been taken at a German Goethe Institute.


After we have received your documents in German, we will review your suitability and recommend you to a suitable hospital. In addition, we schedule an appointment with your potential employer for an interview.

At the beginning of this meeting, usually, a competent representative of the hospital will explain the medical facility and its duties and areas of activity in more detail. After that, you will have the option of introducing yourself and your professional experience and characteristics.

Medical licensing/professional licensing

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you a position at a German hospital. But don’t be discouraged. In many cases, the employment agreement is signed by the applicant shortly after the interview.

After a contract is concluded, we help you obtain your medical or professional licensing for Germany. This bureaucratic process is usually competed within three months.


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